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Bodyfitkart is an Indian online shopping store that sells authentic health and nutrition supplements all across India since its inception in 2012. Since then we have not turned back and are making heightened progress. Our magnanimous online Health & Nutrition website is available round the clock for bodybuilding freaks. Today, we have stretched our roots to more than 25,000 of pages and are momentously ranked as No 1 in bodybuilding industry. Our fitness industry is popularly known for products that have gained immense recognition among common people in past few years. Currently, countless messages are posted by the satisfied customers and the curious ones seeking advice on web on a regular basis.All products are imported & authentic and comes with import seal. We offer you the best and lowest price for health and nutrition supplemens on world wide web. Orders are dispatched within 48 hours. Our checkout is 100% secure, your information is always safe and is never shared or sold to third parties. We take stringent measures to ensure that the items delivered to you are in perfect condition. We sell products that you need rather than want. In such cases, the authenticity of the product matters. Half the health and nutrition supplement market is flooded with fakes pumped with steroids. And that's why when you shop supplement from us, be sure it is 100% authentic, without any junk. Our goal is to make shopping for health and nutrition supplements as easy as possible. We believe in the famous saying "Customer Is God" and always give priority to our customer needs than anything else.

Foundation: The founders of the company experienced nerve wrecking sufferings of people seeking strong body. On an average about 70% of people are fooled by most of the marketing agents. The idea of assisting those bodybuilding freaks became more firm in our mind and hence work came in progress. After opening a physical store, the next thought of contacting the customers through web stroke our mind. Bodyfitkart.com opened doors for all professional trainers and veteran bodybuilders thus welcoming their ideas to augment the improvements. The commencement of this online store came in existence after realizing that bodybuilders and fitness freaks are enervated of making payments for ridiculous products that are not worth.

Immense exposure and impressive sale volumes- We are the one of the most popular website stopover in bodybuilding and fitness industry with more than 2000 published articles and 5,000+ visitors a day. We are one of the most popular E-Retailer in sports nutrition. Our recognition is crowned as leading private Ecommerce companies in India

Career Opportunities: If you are an ambitious personality and can compete efficiently with fast pace working environment, we have an impeccable career opportunity for you on the carpet. Becoming a part of our company is just a few steps away!

Useful Information: Our strategy is simple where we channelize right information to the customers. Our supplements when taken in adequate quantity with pre and post-workouts show outstanding results. We also enable our customers with tips and tricks to form a sturdy physique. From time to time, we motivate our clients with newest videos where their endeavour can pay them. It has always been our dream to equip our customers with best possible body so that others can’t stop themselves gazing at you.

Reasonable Price: We developed an astonishing idea of contacting our customers directly without involving any middle men. You do not have to pay too much heed on the prices as the products can be availed at an incredible wholesale price. The clandestine of our popularity is clearly visible as we have measured implausible success in a very short span of time on web by avoiding distributors. We are proud to announce that a common man can gain strength and size faster with elevated ease too. No one can compete with us in matching the quality. Our millions of contented customers are visiting us again and again referring many others. Hence, no outrageous prices and no intricacies are involved in the structuring of company.

The story of Bodyfitkart.com has been published on top cover in many popular magazines. Currently, we are looking after more than 1,00,000 orders to cater our online customers. We are one among the fastest growing private Ecommerce companies and have now launched our retail stores and warehouses.

Our Commitment: You can avail rich quality products that show miracles at most reasonable prices. This is a nutritious supplement which you can drink, without making your wallet shrink.

Nutritional and Training Advice

We offer free nutritional and training advice via email to all customers. Please note that all advice is indicative only.

Ask our experts - bodyfitkarttrainer@gmail.com

About Team Bodyfitkart and Startup Culture

Bodyfitkart has a team of 40-60 people which is hand-picked and most of them have already worked in start-ups. So we brought all of them with us and nurtured a culture of startup which means doing things with full passion to provide value to our customers. The environment at Bodyfitkart office is fully professional where every individual has a sense of ownership and is a multi-tasker.


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